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Recovery Towelettes


Magnesium Recovery


20 per pack.

Individually Wrapped

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Recovery towelettes

Magnesium recovery can assist with; DOMS (post-workout pain), sport injury’s, muscular cramps and soreness, supporting bone health, promoting energy productions, restoring magnesium levels.

“Is portable pain relief for those on the go” – Alaura

Amazing Oils Magnesium Recovery Wipes are ideal for anyone suffering from muscular cramps and soreness, or for those wanting natural relief from minor injuries. These wipes are also ideal for using pre-work out for an energy boost, and post-work out for recovery. The Recovery wipes are formulated with the highest quality Magnesium Chloride, plus wintergreen and menthol for an uplifting scent.

Active ingredients – organically sourced magnesium chloride, menthol 2.1%, wintergreen.

Dosage; use one wipe per painful area

Magnesium Content; Avg. 100mg elemental magnesium per wipe

Ask your health professional before using on children, whilst pregnant, breastfeeding, taking blood thinning drugs or sensitive to methyl salicylates

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?
These wipes are for EXTERNAL use only, do not ingest the wipe.

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